sandmade – 来自沙漠里的礼物


“sandmade” 想要把这些独特的作品投放到更大的市场上,并让更多消费者喜欢上东方的设计。这一品牌代表了埃及手艺人工艺的丰富多彩的融合,现代的设计和复杂的进程。每一件产品都讲述了一个故事,它告诉我们其包含的历史以及工艺的传统、沙漠的生活、国外市集文化、当地文明和创造力。就是这些故事让我们产品独特,你可以发现这些灵感融入每一件产品的设计中。


sandmade – Gifts from the Desert

Egyptian craftsmanship, from the cross-embroidery of the Bedouin women to the Khyameya printing work of the Egyptian tent-makers, looks back on a long and versatile tradition. Joint with young Egyptian designers I take up these old techniques and reinterpret them. Old motifs meet modern materials, oriental color splendor meets “Western” demands on quality and design, folkloristic forms receive a surprising and up-to-date twist.

“sandmade” wants to develop and promote these unique works to a bigger market and to inspire new customers for oriental design. The label stands for a colorful mix of classical Egyptian artisan methods, modern design and sophisticated processing. Each item tells a story, it speaks of it’s history and traditions of craft, desert live, foreign marketplaces, culture and creativity. It is these stories that make our products unique and you’ll find their inspiration woven into the fibres of each one of our designs.

All items are of a limited edition or unique ‘one off’s’. All items are hand-made and hand embellished by myself or my production partners.






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